Friday, 20 June 2014

The Journey starts HERE!!

                                                                            My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

Ok, so this is two "Firsts" in one day for me:

First time i have created a Blog
First time i have shared something i have been keeping a secret for over a year!!

Last year, i started seeing one of my colleagues at work posting snippets of information about a new way to earn money.
Now i have to say that this is not the first time my friend has dabbled in things of this nature, i recall offhand the workplace share club that we formed, which did provide us with a tidy sum of money to cover the total cost of Christmas one year, but did not earn us the fortune we had all hoped for! So i looked at his postings and had a wee chuckle to myself.
BUT... the more i looked at his postings, the more i was intrigued, because from what i was seeing, he was earning money on a daily basis just from viewing 10 ads a day!
Now, i have worked with this guy for years, i socialize with him out of work and have had a couple of jamming sessions on guitar, so i know him and know he would not openly lie to me. This bit is important to me.. to show how much i trust this guy as a friend, so bear with me on this please.

Anyway, he shows me his phone and various figures and explains how he is making money every 20 minutes.. even when he sleeps.. and all he has to do is view 10 advertisements in a 24 hour period.

Now, i know what you are thinking as you read this, and i thought the same, so i got him to explain it to me in greater detail, which i will now do for you.

There is a company called
  • This company predominately sells a thing called a "Credit Pack"... it is all to do with advertising space, but, you don't need to worry about that for the moment, just accept that they sell Credit Packs!
  • The Credit Packs costs $49.99  each- Yes all money is in $ even for investors who are not in USA.
  • These "Credit Packs" mature after a certain period of time and give a total return of $57 over their lifetime, which, although it is better than most banks are giving, is not gonna make you a fortune overnight. But.. here is where it gets interesting.
  • The company pays out the return on these credit packs EVERY 20 MINUTES, which, as i am sure you can see, makes the business look more appealing as it then enables you to either take that money out to your real world bank account, or, as most people do, let it build up to $49.99 and buy another Credit Pack.. and the whole thing starts again.

I know the above is a little complicated, so i took a screen shot or 2 along the way for the last 2 months. Here is one from 2 weeks into my journey, which started off with $2000 or 40 Credit Packs.

What this is showing is that on May 22nd 2014, i bought 40 Credit Packs, BUT, because it is 2 weeks later, and i have allowed the money those packs were generating to build up until i had enough to buy more Credit Packs, I now have 48 active Credit Packs. These Credit Packs are generating roughly $26 every day. The amount my 40 Credit Packs have generated so far is shown in the "Lifetime Profit Share Earning" box..$395
Also shown in there is a "Personal Referrals" box and next to it is the "Lifetime Referral Commission" box. What that means is that i told a friend about it and he thought it was worth a shot and fired in $500 to see what happens.. i get a 10% thank you from the company every time he buys a credit pack.
So, from my original $2000 or 40 Credit Packs, i now have 48 Credit Packs, which are all generating money for me, which is paid out every 20 minutes.. as long as i click on 10 adverts a day!!

With me so far?
Excellent, then i will proceed.... in a couple of days time with a post that will bring us bang up to date with a Month having gone by so we can see a longer term view.

But, if you can't wait that long, then follow this link and sign up now, so your account is active and you are good to go when you see how well this thing actually works!

 Coming up next time:-
  •  Update on the performance of my Credit Packs
  •  More on referrals
  •  Info on fees ( Yes, of course there are fees, aren't there always??) But they are small and can be justified for what they get you.
  • Info on the 10 adverts you will be viewing when you join